I’m Darren Lim and thank you for visiting my website.

StressLess Entertainment is here to ‘Take The Stress Out Of Your Entertainment Needs’

I provide DJ services for any event.  You can count on me to answer all your questions, address all your concerns, present a professional image, and maintain an outstanding service.

My DJ journey started when my friend Jose Rivera (DJ Tech) taught me how to beat mix songs using two turntables and a mixer.  I DJ’d dorm, birthday, holiday, retirement, and graduation parties, as well as BBQ’s, formal military balls, and weddings.

I continue to DJ because I enjoy seeing people having a good time while mixing music. It is seeing them bopping their heads, tapping their feet, dancing the night away, or telling me that the songs I played brought back good memories.

If you are in the New Jersey metro area, please check out DJ Tech’s website at www.DJTechOnline.com